Match Report
Tettenhall College Mixed-U18A vs  House Cross Country
On: Monday, 25 Sep 2017
Venue: at Home

House Cross Country

Team Event Nicholson Haydon Pearson Bantock

Prep (Year 1-6) 34 32.1 29.3 40.8

Junior (Year 7-9) 44.9 43 37.2 40.3

Senior (Year 10-13) 97.4 103.6 140.5 89.9

Overall 190.6 178.7 207 171

Working out: all places for each house were added up and then divided by the number of runners for each house to create an average. The averages were then added up to form a total for the Prep, Junior, and Senior races. The Prep, Junior and Senior totals were then added up to create an overall winner. As this is an average of places so the lowest score wins.

1st Bantock

2nd Haydon

3rd Nicholson

4th Pearson

Individual Event Boy Girl

Year 1&2 Wilfrid Ingram (Bantock) Molly Jackson (Pearson)

Year 3&4 Joseph Harris (Bantock) Gabriella Lewis (Nicholson)

Year 5&6 Oliver Lloyd (Nicholson) Hancy Hague (Pearson)

Year 7-9 George Hague (Pearson) Holly Graham (Haydon)

Year 10-13 Vinzenz Brethfeld (Haydon) Ines Robedo Costales (Haydon)